You can do many useful things with your photos. You can post them on popular social networks like Facebook and Instagram, or create a slideshow out of them.

Another great thing you can do with your photos is to turn them into GIFs, and who doesn’t love GIFs. There are lots of tools that you can use to convert your photos to GIFs.

In this article, we will cover the five best free online GIF makers that you can use to easily convert your photos to GIF.


IMGFLIP is one of the most popular photo-to-GIF makers. It also allows you to create a meme as well as a chart from your photos.

Go to IMGFLIP and mouse over the Create button in the left corner.

Click Make a GIF from the dropdown menu. You can also click on the Make a GIF option in the right hand corner.

Click Image to GIF, then click Upload Image, or enter the URL of the image in the space to your right.

Your GIF will be previewed once your images are uploaded. Drag the Delay, Width, and Height slide bars to control the speed and appearance of your GIF.

Note that a watermark will be added, but it will not be visible in smaller GIFs. To remove it, you may need to subscribe.

2. Cupwing

Kapwing is a powerful and popular all-in-one online video editor that also allows you to create GIFs from your photos.

Once it’s in place, click Edit in Studio, then go to Timeline, drag and rearrange the storyboards of the original scenes chronologically.

Click the Play button to see a preview of your GIF.

If you’re happy with the preview, click the drop-down arrow next to the “Export Video” button at the top of your screen and choose Export as GIF. After rendering is complete, click on Download.

To adjust the duration, click the timer next to the microphone icon, then click the minus or plus buttons to decrease or increase it. Do this for each storyboard in the timeline.

You can reset the delay time or duration for all frames by adjusting one frame. To do this, click the Delay box and edit the default delay timer value as needed.

When done, click Make a GIF! switch.

You can crop, resize, rotate, or resize your GIF with the many other effects you can add. When done, click the download arrow to download your GIF.

EZGIF doesn’t add any watermarks to your GIF, and it’s completely free to use.

GIFMAKER.ME is another easy-to-use online editor that allows you to quickly convert your photos to GIFs while doubling as a password generator.

Remember that you can also click on other links to do more with your GIF.

Give GIF a chance

If you haven’t tried creating GIFs before, you can now do so by using the free online tools covered in this article or any photo-to-GIF maker of your choice. This can also come in handy for a social media post or for your year in a review post.

Whatever you choose to do with your photos, turning them into GIFs is a surefire way to breathe new life into them, make them come alive and really pop.

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